My Hero Academia: Vigilantes Chapter 99: Release Date and Read to Know More!!!

My Hero Academia: Vigilantes is a Japanese spin-off manga that is illustrated by Betten Court and written by Hideyuki Furuhashi and to is published in Shonen Jump GIGA. The manga was also designed as a prequel to the main series, with some of the events occurring within the vigilantes’ line of duties having ties to the main series. The manga has a slightly darker tone compared to the original manga. Read to know more about My Hero Academia: Vigilantes Chapter 99.

The manga is all about the young man who uses his Quirk to help others. Though, after he and a girl being harassed by a group of thugs and saved thanks to the vigilante Knuckleduster which is recruited by Koichi to become a vigilante himself. TBA is the My Hero Academia: Vigilantes Chapter 99 of Hideyuki Furuhashi And The release date of the Chapter of Volume 12.

 My Hero Academia: Vigilantes Chapter 99 Updates

My Hero Academia: Vigilantes Chapter 99: Release Date and Read to Know More!!!

Till now there are 99 chapters of the manga My Hero Academia: Vigilante. In the last chapter is the ongoing manga volume, Eraser Head confronts Koichi, who tries to converse with him all the while the Vigilante tries to keep his distance.  He, however, thinks it’s irrational, as people like him don’t stop and reflect on their actions until people get hurt. So there’s no use. Koichi recalls the Hotta Brothers mentioning how Eraser’s Quirk works.

So sneak into the back-alleys to stay out of his sight and make a getaway. Back at the hospital, Naomasa receives a report from Team Idaten about Koichi being on the run and how Eraser Head and the other Heroes are closing in on his location. Number 6 unleashes an electric shock straight into the air. As the trenchcoat figures each grow 6’s scar on their faces. Suddenly, the power in the entire city is shut down in an event that would become known as “Nightmare Night: The Naruhata Lockdown.

The next Chapter 99 will be released on the 2nd of April and there is more of a twist that we can able to see in the upcoming chapter of the manga of the My Hero Academia: Vigilante. Stay Tuned with Herald Writers for more updates.

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