Nvidia RTX 3080 assessment: 4K achievement at $699– and also great information for more affordable GPUs

For some folks, recaping the Nvidia RTX 3080 variation might focus on a variety of premium– and also occasionally exclusive– innovations. Radiation mapping. Deep-learning extremely testing. Crazy-fast moment transmission capacity. In many cases, Nvidia’s brand-new $699 GPU goes to its own absolute best when software application leverages its own incredibly certain benefits and also functions.

But as all of us recognize, 2018’s product line of RTX 2000 GPUs left behind enthusiasts along with pricey choices that failed to supply adequate globally drool-worthy improvements. During the time, I contacted those memory cards “a ticket to the RTX lotto game,” and also for almost pair of years, the benefit was actually insufficient.

It is actually feeling better– particularly as DirectX 12 Ultimate and also a set of next-gen gaming consoles eventually slim right into many of 2018’s RTX-specific benefits. AMD will definitely very soon capitalize this things along with its personal effective RDNA 2 product line of GPUs. The moment Nvidia’s RTX functions think much less “exclusive,” our team need to observe all of them in additional activities– however that likewise leaves behind Nvidia to address an inquiry. Properly, what else ya acquired?

This delivers me to the method I favor to recap the RTX 3080 variation, as motivated through my Ars associate Lee Hutchinson. I could basically listen to the anxious gasps via his keystrokes in an Ars conversation treatment concerning my GPU examinations when he entered 4 phrases: “Elite Dangerous in Virtual Reality?”

Zero-G, 120 fps

Nvidia GeForce RTX 3080

( Ars Technica might get payment to buy coming from web links on this blog post via associate courses.)

Since media opportunity, this space-exploration activity’s Personal Computer variation is actually certainly not improved for DirectX 12 Ultimate or even RTX-specific functions. It is actually merely a damned starving activity embeded in an endless cosmos– one where you may drift via unproductive area one minute, after that quickly warp right into a legendary, spinning-all-around fight beside a geometrically heavy development.

It is actually fantastic things. It is actually also much better in Virtual Reality. And also method is actually also far better when you may turn the 120 Hz activate a premium headset like the Valve Index, placed each palms on your preferred HOTAS gear, and also placed zero-G, 360- level hellfire upon anybody that may risk disturb your cargo-shuffling purpose … all without falling frameworks. (Thanks to the activity’s focus on fast turning, the ordinary 90 Hz Virtual Reality specification isn’t good enough for standard-issue tummies. Extra frameworks during that activity indicate additional convenience.)

To an individual like Mr. Hutchinson, that possesses a higher cost roof for his games gear however certainly not an endless one, I may claim this: along with the RTX 3080, you may operate Elite Dangerous at its own “higher” predetermined in Virtual Reality, turn to 120 Hz method in Valve Index, and also assume an almost secured framerate. The exact same selects Fallout 4 Virtual Reality, a completely unoptimized Virtual Reality sale of Bethesda’s RPG, which I may eventually perform at a secured 90 fps (or even float in changeable 100-110 fps region on Valve Index). 3 years afterwards Virtual Reality slot’s launch, I really wish to play it by doing this.

Trickling below the crazies

RTX 3080 FE
RTX 2080 Ti FE
RTX 2080 Super
RTX 2080 FE
RTX 2070 Super

GTX 1080 Ti

CUDA Cores





Tensor centers
272 (” 3rd-gen”).


RT centers
68 (” 2nd-gen”).


Core Clock
1,440 MHz.
1,350 MHz.
1,650 MHz.
1,515 MHz.
1,605 MHz.

1,480 MHz.

Boost Clock
1,710 MHz.
1,635 MHz.
1,815 MHz.
1,800 MHz.
1,770 MHz.

1,582 MHz.

Memory Bus Width
320- little bit.
352- little bit.
256- little bit.
256- little bit.
256- little bit.

352- little bit.

Memory Speed
19 GHz.
14 GHz.
155 GHz.
14 GHz.
14 GHz.

11 GHz.

Memory Bandwidth
760 GB/s.
616 GB/s.
496 GB/s.
448 GB/s.
448 GB/s.

484 GB/s.

Memory Size


320 W.
260 W.
250 W.
250 W.
215 W.

250 W.

MSRP at launch
$ 1,199


I may state comparable factors for a great deal requiring Personal Computer software application as dealt with through this memory card in manner ins which I could not along with 2018’s eye-watering $1,199 RTX 2080 Ti. In an alternating cosmos– the one where Nvidia managed unopposed in the GPU competition, defeating the jeans off AMD for a long times– Nvidia could possibly possess proceeded asking for one thing like $800 or even $900 for that 2018 memory card, whose price was actually far more concerning specialized effects-processing centers than concerning sheer, widespread electrical power.

With AMD eventually catching on its own heels this year, Nvidia has actually shown up along with a $699 monster of an RTX 3080 whose “Founders Edition,” with no overclocks included, regularly trumps an overclocked 2080 Ti Founders Edition in present day 3D activities and also software application (and also bends more powerful muscle mass on RTX-specific functions). In efficiency examinations, the frame of obtained efficiency consistently cleans up the 13- per-cent limit, occasionally far more. (In the scenario of Elite Dangerous Virtual Reality’s “higher” predetermined, which is actually a lot harder to standard, it creates an around 20 per-cent variation in structure opportunities all.)

This isn’t merely great information for the insane Lee Hutchinsons of the planet. This memory card’s effect on the market place are going to perhaps drive the typical GPU market value proposal right into acceptable region. A $699 GPU might certainly not be your favorite, however if costs for every little thing underneath the RTX 3080 (and also its own brother or sister, the RTX 3070, slated to introduce in October at $499) change depending on to the listed below criteria, that indicates a well-founded 1080 p or even 1440 p GPU might eventually land within your pricing range.

Listing photo through Sam Machkovech

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