All new Samsung Note 20 design brings a stunning look and a new color for the Galaxy series

In a concept look of the all-new Samsung Galaxy Note 20, it shows that the phone will come with the rectangular box look. It is the same design as in Note 10, but the new design has something extra with it for the new look.

As per a digital content creator,  Yash Purohit, in his official Twitter handle page, shows the concept design of Galaxy Note 20. If you take a look at the design of the Galaxy series, then the Note 10 design is nearly the same as the Note 10 handset.  There is a small punch hole on the screen for the camera. It is located in the middle of the display, and it will have an OLED panel. The edge of the screen will be slightly curved as well.

In this concept model, you can see an eye-catchy color of the phone. It is a new color for the Galaxy Note 20 and has got a good view as well. The rear camera will be a triple camera set-up, and it will have many other sensors as well in it.

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