Trump will soon announce the members of the pandemic council

Trump will soon announce the members of the pandemic council

On April 14, 2020, President Trump will be announcing the names of the officials for a new pandemic council. These officials will help Trump in getting the country back to the normal path after the outbreak of the coronavirus. Further, they will also be assisting the President with the implementation of different strategies for various portions of the country.

Trump’s feelings on the decision of forming a new council

Trump believes that this decision is going to be the most consequential decision of his entire Presidential tenure. Further, he also makes it clear that he will consider only state governors and local officials for a council member. 

President Trump’s official tweets 

The tweet contains two threads. In his first tweet, Trump alleges the media of creating an atmosphere of disorder and conflict. He states that the Fake News Media are spreading wrong information that it’s the Governors’ decision to lift the lockdown. Further, he continues with the reports that mention that the President and the Federal Government has no authority over lifting the lockdown. Then he clarifies that the reports are absolutely incorrect. 

Lastly, he says that is the decision of the President of the country. And, states that he has full authority in making all the administration decisions, including the lifting up of lockdown.   


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